Learn Transcendental Meditation in Budapest

If you are a professional or a student living in Budapest, or you are just spending few days in Budapest and would like to learn TM in English during your stay, you come to the right place.
Learn TM - in-person instruction + at-home learning

Hi, our names are Antal Lakos and Andrea Balogh. We have been certified teachers of Transcendental Meditation for over 23 years.

TM teacher Budapest - Antal Lakos and Andrea Balogh

Upon request we are happy to provide English TM classes in Budapest to individuals, high level professionals, company CEOs, VIPs or bigger group classes. Our teaching facility is in the XIIIth district, few minutes from Westend.

We think by far the best sites to get information in English about TM are:


TM is wonderful tool which you will be able to use anywhere to recharge your mental and physical "batteries".

Practising TM even for a few months will already prove its worth, but long term practicioners often say that learning TM was one of the best decisions in their life.

If there are some questions, or if you already know what TM is and would like to schedule a course, please don't hesitate to contact us at . We answer usually within 24 hours.

Just send a message and we will show you how to have an easy access to the most settled state of your own awareness - a real treasury within-, the experience of which will greatly revitalize your daily activities.


Andrea and Antal (or just Tony)
Mobile: +36-70-418-3154

This is what our course participants say about our English classes

Jan Pstrokonski
Fund Manager, Samarang Capital

"I did a one-on-one course with Tony, in Budapest, about 5 months ago (Feb 2020), and I have been meditating with TM twice a day since.

I found that Tony is good at both the patient step-by-step explanations in the course, and also good at answering my questions about the philosophy, background, and other aspects that I was curious about throughout the course.

In my view, TM is potentially life-changing, and perhaps the most underrated practice in self-development - getting the right person to teach you could be significant.

After the course, Tony has been helping me regularly online, and this is important as some guidance really can make a difference.

Also, Tony is just a great guy and fun to talk to.

Therefore, if you are curious about TM, I highly recommend you talk to Tony. I have been recommending all my friends to do so."

Jung J.
Businessman, South-Korea
"It was a great opportunity and experience to learn TM, especially with an impeccable teacher like you. It was so inspirational and understandable. I would like to send my appreciation from the deep in my soul."
Todd L.
Television Producer, USA

"During my time in Budapest, I was fortunate to meet Tony and take the TM course in English there. His knowledge of Transcendental Meditation history, process and technique is informative and extensive.

Upon returning to the US, I continued with TM classes and group meditation at my local TM Center. The TM instructors there use Tony as an example of exceptional instructors and organizers of TM events Internationally.

The only way to get the most out of the TM practice is through instruction by a qualified TM teacher and he is one of the best.

I am grateful for the training and continue to appreciate the benefits of TM everyday."

Science teacher and her husband
"We have done two meditations everyday and feel our lives are better than ever. We really look forward to meditating and are very grateful to you both for guiding us on our journey."
Learn TM - in-person instruction + at-home learning

There is now a more convenient way to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique!

Over the last 60 years, millions of people have learned the TM technique through effective personal instruction with highly trained teachers. Now with the aid of video meetings and interactive phone app your certified TM teacher can connect with you without requiring you to be in-person for all four instructional sessions of the TM course.

How does it work?

The TM course will still consist of four sessions on four consecutive days:

First session

Private, in person instruction with your certified TM teacher. At the end of this session, your teacher will enable you to access the at-home instructional materials on your smartphone.

Following three sessions

Completed at home on a smartphone*, these interactive sessions consist of videos and Q&A, paired with daily video meetings with your personal teacher.

As always whether you complete your course fully in- person or partially at-home, your teacher will be available to offer individualized support and guidance throughout your whole course and even afterwards.

*requires the use of a smartphone with iOS 10.0 or later or Android version 7.0 or later

To learn more about the TM technique with in-person and at-home learning, contact us at +36-70-418-3154